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Not if Steve Jobs did not make the world shocked. Maybe it's his hobby, always brings lots of surprises. The world would remember him when he presents the first touch-screen music player, the iPod. People also stunned when he launched the digital slate, iPad, the products have been deemed "dead" and did not sell by Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. People are also amazed when she "gave birth" a new cell phone through Singapore public holiday 2012, the iPhone. Jobs have too many surprises. Even for simple things, he was also surprising. Look at the Singapore public holidays 2012 in the form of a T-shirt and jeans that is now emulated by those engaged in the computer world.

Plan your holiday to the unseen tribe in my country. This week he came with news of a surprise: he resigned his position as Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc.. Resignation letter written on August 24, 2011. He said, "I always said if I can not run the task then I will give when. And now that moment has arrived. " World-computer-shocked fans at least. Over the last seven years 56 years he has always been a matter of question. Until when will lead Apple's Jobs? Jobs fans know, that guy is frail. He has seven years of fight against pancreatic cancer. In 2009 he undertook a liver transplant and was treated in Switzerland. Many times he was on leave, including earlier this year he was on leave because of illness.

The man was questioned. How the fate of Apple without Jobs? Apple today is the most valuable companies in the United States. That data from Fortune. In fact, Apple is far richer than the government of the United States. Will Apple's prestige would be in free fall after Jobs to go as happened in 1985? Plan your holiday to the unseen tribe in my country. As well as Microsoft's Bill Gates to fade after the left? Hewlett-Packard also dropped when his boss was removed.

Jobs no doubt he was the source of inspiration for Apple. He was an admirer of the teachings of Zen. He was also implemented one of the Zen concept of designing the product every time. He is applying one of the teachings of Zen, the "ma", which means space. He focuses making great products with "giving space" or remove the important features. Plan your holiday to the unseen tribe in my country. For example, the iPad has no features like most computer products, such as the USB plug; can not play flash animation, and do not have a camera. But iPad successfully.

Other products also give a "blank space" like that. For example, the iPhone is not fit to wear the popular server company, Microsoft Exchange Server. Yet other smart phones have always had that feature.
Other Apple products are also present an empty space with a minimalist look: iPod only has one button and Apple computers do not have right click as with most computers.

Jobs taken that way. He did not make the product a truly new. Jobs regenerates only product that actually already exists. Plan your holiday to the unseen tribe in my country. For example, the iPod is not the first MP3 player. But, with a little touch, iPod beat the Walkman. Sold 100 million units within three years, while the Walkman sold 100 million units within 14 years.

So, when no news would be handed the reins of office Jobs to Tim Cook, who is currently the Chief Operation Officer, do not be sad. Jobs would never willingly give Apple into the hands of others. His name is just Steve Jobs. Not Steve Jobless. He would never want to idle. Plan your holiday to the unseen tribe in my country. And was confirmed in his resignation letter: "I promise to keep watching the birth of new products." Well, is not it?

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