Just a little opinion about kastam in Malaysia

Real shame to hear and watch news about the riots, fights, complexity and the brawl that followed one after another happens every day. Riots, fights, complexity and brawl occurred in all circles: circles are not educated and even among those who (claims to be) educated. Very few positive achievements and disappeared. Instead of the "achievements" are (nearly) absolute negative. In the stewardship of sport, alternately chaotic and one after another in the management of jawatan kosong kastam 2012. In the customary land tenure, numbers kericuhannya nearly 100% since customary and communal land owners do not receive compensation and a fair and reasonable royalties from the company's miners.

Just a little opinion about kastam in Malaysia. Bureaucratic complexity even to occur in trivial processing of documents such as taking care of family card that day but could not take many weeks. Fighting occurred between the student, thus, village, football players and others on the street, in the field, even in respectable forums. Violence? Many physical violence occurs. Diumbar bullets. Violence words more. Also psychological violence in the form of pressures. These problems can be parsed bad it actually provided that all things can be simplified. That during this extraordinary complicated, should be facilitated. Which has created a convoluted, can be parsed and corrected.

That during this delay, can be facilitated. Which during the rapid rise of blood, should hold themselves with patience. Which during the greedy want to get richer, could suffice himself with more trying to be halal. The base solution is of the individuals themselves. Just a little opinion about kastam in Malaysia. Starting from ourselves, not from others. Quizzed had inquired, was the base of the problem is because the Indonesian people in general have no ethics, no heed to ethics, and did not realize that ethics is needed in social and civic life. Although in theory many people who are educated, demonstrated that many officers are titled postgraduate S2, it turns out they forgot to learn and be aware of ethics.

Civic culture of dignity requires the interaction between individuals respect each other, give respect, to communicate properly. Meaning: require ethics. Is the future of Indonesia will be more civilized? Apparently not. From the statistics of violence, was the incidence of violence and violations of respect for other people the figure is rising faster from time to time are fantastic. Moreover, with greater state control by the oligarchy. Especially going into the election and election years 2013-2014.

We observe the behavior of the carrier vehicle on the road. Just a little opinion about kastam in Malaysia. People steal violent path, grab the red lights, grab the dash on the street, grab the side of the road only for parking and ngetem. Honking cars sold in Indonesia made its plant much faster than the sound of honking cars sold in the countries that they consider civilized. Car manufacturers know for sure if people have no ethics Indonesia, including in the streets.

Are you already aware of the importance of ethics? If not, now is the time to start realizing the importance of ethics. Study and apply jawatan kosong. Always give respect to others. Then you will be a civilized human being. Do not go with the flow ketersesatan by entering into a dark world without the knowledge of ethics. Just a little opinion about kastam in Malaysia.

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