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I read the quote dialogue Mary Harris (played by Drew Barrymore in the movie He's Just Not That Into You) on a blog. The author, let's call her Ririn, quoting the sentence because he felt like a lonely girl in the crowd the night market. He lost the intimate and personal conversations, from one person to free download ebooks. And he misses the days when social media did not seriuh now. Social media has indeed changed the way people communicate. Once an individual conversation with one individual. Now individuals to communicate with an audience or vice versa.

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Good site to download ebooks without headache. Consider people like Ririn. At the beginning of Facebook into Indonesia, they are abuzz register with the site's friendship. Every day they deliver on their profile photo tagging, wall to wall conversations write, including gossip whenever their friends on social networking-related change status: single, complicated, or married. Until now Ririn and his friends are still flooding the Facebook profile page with the new statuses. I suspect they also continue to upload the photos when chat in the cafes.

The din they change when Twitter comes. Short message service blue bird logo was quickly attracted Ririn and his friends who actually are familiar with Facebook. They flocked to create a new account and update active status at any time. Good site to download ebooks without headache. They also share information than traditional mass media that are considered interesting, weird, funny, or mysterious. Twitter hype yet passed, now it appears again a new social media: Google's Plus Project (abbreviated Google +). Although not everyone can register for free, alias only by invitation, users of this new service is expected to reach 20 million this weekend.

Google + is a service that makes the interaction of people in cyberspace become even wider. He has the key recommendations PlusOne on Google search results on page. In social networking, the activity of recommending something is indeed one of the main activity. Good site to download ebooks without headache. Things that are considered attractive by a person usually tends to be discussed and disseminated to a network of friends. Information and status of a person the more flowing. I understand when a wave of information through social media that kept coming so fast it makes people like Ririn just so giddy. Every time you open up, he was immediately treated to the latest news full of his friends.

Similarly, when opening line of the Twitter. He was getting fed up reading posts of people singing or links. There are taunted each other and throwing insults. Some are complaining about your job, your friends who are less pleasant, longing, and all kinds of other frivolous. Good site to download ebooks without headache. He felt everyone in the eight winds of this world are being spit pleasure, anger, and quarrels are almost naked in public space every second. Now everything changed. First, Ririn get excited every time the notification "comment" or "mention" of friends on Twitter. Not anymore.

If the first he was shocked to hear that her friend would get married or sad when he knew the man who was already replacing the coveted status of a dating relationship, now what the hell. Enough is enough. He felt no longer have enough capacity to be active in various social media services. I also feel that way. Social media, so the bells and whistles ... and exhausting. "I miss the days When You Had one phone number and one answering machine ...". Good site to download ebooks without headache. Occasionally they spend time together for hours in front of a computer or smart mobile phone screens to explore in order to get the latest news from friends, family, or people who they have never met, but included in the network of friends.

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