Finding Real Humour In Life Is Difficult Guys

Many stories that began in the coffee shop. This story, too. The story begins with a girl who was sitting on one couch famous coffee shop, sipping greentea Frapuccino. Option that is not coffee. Green drinks, dilesap by a little girl dressed all in green. On the table, next to the drink dew dripping on the rim, open a book. His left hand is tapering weigh sheets left the book in order to stay on the page being read. If you look closely, you'll see not only a row of text, but also an illustration of little fairy that is colored with watercolors in shades of green. You would think she was very fond of the color green? Green clothes, green drinks, green and read an illustrated book. No, this is just coincidence. Sometimes it happens to occur simultaneously. Is not it only natural to conspire? Conspiracy. How heavy those words. In fact, this is just a romantic story that does not involve political conspiracy. Only love.

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Finding real humour in life is difficult guys. All right, already curious? Or even bored? You are welcome to withdraw at any time, Mr. and Miss. I do not want to waste your valuable time to read the story of a girl who was sipping green tea drink green. His cell phone rang. He picked it up immediately, start the standard greeting. Hello? Yes, already waiting. Hurry, leprechauns milkshakenya've almost abis nih. I diliatin those of yesteryear. Haha, that is greentea frappuccino. Okay, I waited. Love you. Do you listen close enough? I was just pretending to be the straw to be able to pay attention to this girl more closely. Oh no, her lips started toward me, closed it and began to suck on ujungku green drinks from tabungku.

The man who summoned unfortunately had finally arrived. The pale green drink has been demolished. They kissed on the cheek, then call the waiter. Espresso, said the man. I like chocolate biscuits, said the green girl. They began to come face-embarrassed gaze until I have to peep sight like that. Finding real humour in life is difficult guys. Both are talking, sharing stories scattered after seven days absent to meet, share a story that they could not express by phone or BlackBerry Messenger facility. Call the man trembled. He hesitated for a moment. Who, What? Green girl asked. Nobody, he replied. With BlackBerry back angrily stuffed it into his pants pocket. But the phone back barking ferociously. Clamoring for attention. He was getting upset. He excused himself.

Can I come out and eavesdropping? Ah, I really have enough to do this. It should not be? Okay, I'll sit in, to accompany a girl disguised as green and napkins. He was shortly to be outside, he soon returned with a wrinkled face. I must go. You've only come! A friend of accidents. Oh dear. Who? How the situation? Is it bad? I'm coming, yes! Ga bother. Finding real humour in life is difficult guys. I have a car. Let cepet up. Ga nothing. I myself wrote. I insist. Already, you are driving. Reluctantly, he received the car keys from her green, while his girlfriend sprightly waiter and pay the bills. Who the hell was an accident? Asked the green girl when they both started moving. Friends. The man replied nervously. Yeah you know a friend, did not you already say. But who? The man pulled up in a quiet place, a heavy sigh. Anggra, actually nothing is accidental. And?

The man sighed again struggled with weight and exhaled again. Fist banging on his own forehead. I ... Pause it's a bit too long. Anggra waited impatiently, but he did not say anything. Me, I had come to break up with you. Should I go alone now. I'll see Freya. He was waiting for me. Finding real humour in life is difficult guys. Anggra imagine the windshield was hit by a giant fist and make a dent gaunt face exposed to the sweetness of a punch and a small glass shards. But he was unmoved. His face has not changed. You mean you? Freya? Yes, Freya. I'm sorry. I had to take her to the doctor. Doctor? Freya pregnant. You mean you? Why should you take her to the doctor? Because I'm her father.

This time Anggra imagine the invisible hand menjawil Fahmi shirt collar and threw him out of his car, then he fell in the middle of the road in a state of scattered. I still watch, toy transformed the nodding dog in a car dashboard. Not that you've promised? We've an appointment. We want to get married later this year. You forgot? Anggra with bated breath. Angry. I'm, sorry. Take it again for your forgiveness! I hope the word is eroding from within, haunting haunt you until you can not live with myself. Quit! Get out of my car! The man who loved the green girl out like a gambler who lost the bet. Finding real humour in life is difficult guys. With his head bent and hands melunglai. Anggra took over the driver's seat and started to cry.

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