Steps Should Be Done When Your Business Down

As we all know, the Standard and Poor's (S & P), an international ratings agency, downgraded the U.S. foreign debt from AAA to AA + with a negative outlook (negative outlook). Debt burden of the United States today can be categorized in the countries with the highest debt burden. Due between one market to another market (capital market) are interrelated, downgrades Indonesia is making the stock market is affected. Some of today's Jakarta Composite Index has decreased dramatically making investors worried and panicked because of the reduced value of investments. Including the declining value of the Mutual Fund Net Aktifa.

Steps should be done when your business down. This situation will still take a few moments due to several European countries also may experience a decline in its ranking of countries as well. Panic? Noooo ... do not need to panic. Anyway we are not a stock trader. In such situations, the most important thing to do is stay calm and think about what steps should be done. In Financial Planning, all investments are made based on financial goals and time period which is then invested into the appropriate product in this case is the mutual fund, because of characteristics that are appropriate as a means of achieving short-term financial goals, medium and long term.

The following are suggestions for investors who invest in Financial Planning Mutual Funds. For prospective investors that the new mutual funds will apply the 'action plan': Prepare the funds already budgeted in Financial Planning, then keep doing the purchase of mutual funds according to plan with memberhatikan a few things below. Steps should be done when your business down.

If you invest monthly on a regular basis, still do invest according to plan. If the market is still down in the next month, you can 'cost averaging' to keep buying mutual funds at a lower NAV. If you invest well in a rather large amount of funds (over USD 50 million), divide into several stages with a time gap. Thus you get some prices that vary NAB. Steps should be done when your business down. For investors who have invested more than 2 years and have to dilute it to finance one of the purposes of this financial year, you can speed up the disbursement of the present without having to wait a predetermined period of time that may still be several months away.

For new investors who invest less than 2 years, maybe this time you decrease the value of mutual funds, especially in the Mutual Fund shares. However, do not need to dilute your stock mutual funds. Melt in your mutual funds when the market is getting worse as it is now making a loss on the value of your investment. Steps should be done when your business down. Well, to be calm and clear-headed, we can take steps more strategic in our finances right? Who knows we could even gain a profit, remember the theory of investment: Buy Low, Sell High.

The question is how low can you go? Mutual funds are investment products that contain risks, prospective investors are advised to read the fund prospectus so that understanding the conditions and risks contained in the mutual fund. Tip of the above suggestions apply only to investors or prospective investors who invest in mutual funds for the achievement of financial goals contained in the Financial Planning. Steps should be done when your business down. Before making a purchase or sale of investors are advised to consult with a Financial Planner.

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