New Jawatan Kosong Will Be Announced Later Today

One of the beautiful moments that will happen this evening was the appearance of the solar system's largest planet, Jupiter. The planet Jupiter will appear brighter due to being located at a distance of closest approach to Earth. Not only that because tonight Jupiter is also accompanied by Month tub two celestial bodies dancing all night. This beautiful moments actually been seen since Thursday (13/10/2011). Last night, the Moon and Jupiter look very close, probably to within 5 degrees. If tonight was moving about 12 degrees, said Mutoha Arkanuddin of Jogja Astro Club community.

New jawatan kosong will be announced later today. Even so, Jupiter stays in the same position and still quite close to the Moon. Can be compared with couples who are dancing, now the Moon and Jupiter are being stretched out his hand. Anyone who wants to watch, go out tonight. Be sure to be in place with a fairly dark sky. With a telescope, Jupiter's satellite Io may also be observed.

Estimates with software Stellarium shows, Jupiter has been visible since later at 19:00, so does the Moon. The best time to look is at 20:00 to 23:00 pm. If you missed the moment this evening, there are beautiful moments that can be anticipated next. On 29 October, Jupiter will be no opposition at this point or at a distance of closest approach to Earth.

If it's full moon. If this is supposing Jupiter was full, it appears very bright because it was quite close to us, said Mutoha. New jawatan kosong will be announced later today. site launch, the bright light year is very special Jupiter because Jupiter is also reaching distance of closest approach to the Sun. Jupiter opposition occurs every 399 days, so every year there is always a moment where Jupiter was at the point closest to the Earth. However, because the closest distance of Jupiter and the Sun can only occur 12 years or so, then the full moon this year just as bright as Jupiter can be seen again in 2022.

Earth and Jupiter at opposition apart about 629 million km. While at the furthest point, Earth and Jupiter could be closed to within 928 million miles. Jupiter is one of the giant gas planets. New jawatan kosong will be announced later today.

Environmental issues and ecology of the settlement of cases in Indonesia has not been a consideration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in a cabinet reshuffle. It appears in SBY speech or performance evaluation of the impact environmental ministers in their respective ministries.

There are no criteria that try to do Unit President for Development Supervision and Control (UKP4) or from the president himself to look at and consider a variety of environmental cases, Berry said Nahdian Furqon, Executive Director of the Indonesian Forum for Environment (Walhi), Friday (14/10 / 2011), in Jakarta.

They held a press conference in welcoming the 31st anniversary Walhi. This suggests that the President in a number of forums seen as environmentally conscious state leaders, just viewed spatially. A number of policies generated prolingkungan SBY is not accompanied by correction or evaluation of other policies that hit prolingkungan policy. New jawatan kosong will be announced later today. For example, the plan reduced greenhouse gas emissions 26 percent, there is no evaluation to correct a number of mines and plantations, he said.

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