Who Said Desktop Computer is Outdated

Laptops are the most popular choice in recent years, simple design and more practical to use, making many competing producers to create new laptop products.

Who said desktop computer is outdatedHowever, it doesn’t mean to make a desktop computer can be considered trivial, because today, the development of this product type is also not inferior to compete with the quality created by the laptop manufacturer.

In addition, computer prices of the desktop type, are also much more affordable and has a high economic value, especially for parents who want to support their children's education. So very easily to customized with your budget and your needs.

An example is the Media Center PCs, which has been supported by a standard photo editing and is also suitable for gamers. With a slim monitor, stylish keyboard and clear voice from the computer speakers, you only need to spend about $ 600. This amount would not be enough to buy similar specs if you buy a laptop.

In addition to the cost in terms of convenience, the upgrade of desktop computers is also very easy, adding RAM (memory) capacity, VGA, Chipset and Other Device only takes a few moments, off-pairs (two words) is very easy to remember. Yup ease of upgrading the desktop computer as easy as saying the two words.

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